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A professional website and social media are critical to the success of your business. Your website is where you connect with your audience. Consider your website your first impression. It is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Find out why millions of businesses have started to use our platform for their website? We put you back in control of your online presence.
Our website software is revolutionizing the way that companies market their businesses online.​ Businesses are moving away from the old days of needing a web designer to edit and update their website. Ogologo Media is a proud to have our very own site editor application which allows you to make these simple changes effortlessly. Our drag and drop website builder makes it simple to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills required.  It’s easier than editing your Facebook page, in fact you can synchronize with Facebook as well.


Create the perfect site with powerful drag and drop tools.

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Rebrandable Solution​
  • Powerful Hosting
  • 100+ Professional Themes
  • Fast & Helpful Support
  • Easy Blogging
  • Photo Galleries & Slideshows
  • Video & Audio Players​
  • Google AdWords & Analytics
  • Easy Form Builder
  • Image Perfect Image Editor
  • Detailed Traffic Stats
  • Full HTML/CSS Control
  • Automatic Mobile Sites​
  • Sections Builder
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Image Backgrounds
  • ​Color Backgrounds


Video Backgrounds
Impress your visitors with high quality video backgrounds. Choose from our free video library or upload your own unique video to make header images and sections stand out. Video backgrounds give your website a sense of energy and dynamism that helps impress visitors and sets your site apart from the competition.

Custom Headers
Drag and drop slideshows, videos and dynamic content into your website header to create a memorable experience for visitors with a fully customized header. With custom headers you have the flexibility to build impactful pages that drive sales and keep your audience engaged.

Full Width Image & Color Backgrounds
Create unique, modern designs with customized image and color backgrounds. Every full width section you drag and drop onto your page works like its own mini-site and can contain multiple design elements like color backgrounds, text, images and video. These new elements allow you to add more variety and customization by stacking independent sections into your page layout.


We take you to the top…
It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. With Google AdWords we can make sure you are number one against your top competitors within your industry in any marketplace or targeted demographic.  We can also track and follow the results with compelling data and statistics  to insure a positive ROI on any marketing & advertising budget


Building your online store has never been easier. From shopping cart and shipping to inventory management and SEO, our complete eCommerce platform has it all.

Our complete eCommerce solution website builder gives you a surprisingly easy way to sell products online. We arm you with modern store designs and the powerful features you need to provide a consistent shopping experience that works across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The online shopping experience once reserved for major online retailers is now at your fingertips.

Fully Integrated Shopping Cart and Secure Checkout
Provide shoppers with the convenience of a fully integrated free shopping cart and a secure checkout experience directly from your eCommerce website. Our shopping cart software is set-up automatically when you create your store so you can start selling online immediately, no technical skills needed.

Complete Mobile Store and Checkout
Give shoppers a mobile experience that works every time from any device. We ensure your online store and products load quickly and display perfectly. All eCommerce websites include a free mobile shopping cart and and secure checkout experience that’s designed to work perfectly on smaller screens like phones and tablets.

Powerful Filtered Product Search
Give shoppers a faster way to find exactly what they want. Highlight the most relevant products and let your customers filter the results by attributes like price, color, etc. Filtered product search helps you maximize exposure across all of your inventory and create more buying opportunities.

Sell Digital Goods, Physical Products , Services and More
We offer flexible options for selling a wide range of products. Digital and downloadable items are automatically delivered to your customers via email with a secure one-time use link. There are extensive options for physical products, one-of-a-kind handmade items, services and donations that can be completely customized to meet your needs.

Search Engine Optimized Online Stores
Our ecommerce websites are designed with search engines in mind so customers can find you. We automatically optimize your site and product pages so you’ll have everything you need to start ranking for search results.

Flexible Shipping Options
Offer the shipping choices that shoppers want and easily handle a full spectrum of shipping situations ranging from simple to complex. Sellers can offer “free shipping” on select orders, set shipping rates based on price or weight and define carriers (e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx) as well as delivery speed (e.g. ground, 3-day, overnight). Rates can be adjusted for geographic locations including full international support and fine-grained control options for sub-regions (states, provinces, etc.).

Fine-Grained Tax Controls
It’s simple to manage even the most complex tax situations with our eCommerce website. You determine when and where to apply taxes. Our software provides and maintains current city, state and province level tax rates for the United States and Canada. For all other countries, tax rates can be defined by the seller.

Track Your Inventory
Manage a handful or hundreds of products. Track your inventory to manage your supply, show customers the number of items remaining to create urgency and boost buying behavior (e.g. only 2 left!), and automatically show items that are no longer available as “out of stock”.

Powerful eCommerce Website Builder
Getting your store up and running is as simple as choosing a design theme, adding your products, setting up shipping and selecting your preferred way to accept payments. We automatically create a storefront for you to customize as much or as little as you’d like, including the option for full CSS/HTML control and editing.

Modern eCommerce Templates and Storefronts
Choose from a wide variety of modern and unique eCommerce templates and color palette combinations to design the perfect look for your online store. You can showcase featured products, categorize items for easy browsing, customize fonts, and define photo display options to create a store you’ll be proud to share.

eCommerce Hosting
Reliable, world-class cloud hosting that’s redundant and scalable means your online store is always available. We handle all the details to ensure your ecommerce website loads quickly every time, no matter how much traffic you receive.

Payment Options
Instantly accept major credit cards directly from your own domain name. Choose from a variety of payment options including Square Up, Stripe, PayPal and Authorize net.

Showcase Your Products with Display and Merchandising Options
The eCommerce platform brings the ease of drag and drop website creation to product merchandising. Create rich product descriptions with slideshows and videos. Easily reorder products for maximum visual appeal. Shoppers can easily share your products on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Integrate Content and eCommerce
Combine content and products in unique ways to create more buying opportunities. In addition to a powerful storefront, We give you the freedom to showcase and sell products or accept donations from any page on your site such as a blog or your homepage with our standalone ecommerce element.

Sell to Shoppers Around the World
Tap into the growing global market with complete international support for accepting payments, shipping and taxes. Payment processing is available in 25 countries with PayPal and 11 countries with Stripe. Easily manage shipping to any destination. Flexible tax management with fine-grained controls to support online stores globally.

Process and Manage Orders
Process and manage orders from end-to-end with order confirmation emails, shipment tracking notifications, refunds and returns processing and real-time reporting for orders and sales.

Import Your Online Store eCommerce
Want to see a preview of what your existing store could look like on our platform? Import your store from Etsy, Shopify or upload a CSV file directly into our eCommerce platform for fast and easy setup. Once imported, you can adjust and tweak your store design to create a unique look.

Drive Sales with Coupon Codes & Discounts
Sellers are armed with promotional offers to compete effectively and increase sales. They can incentivize visitors to purchase with a limited-time offer, attract new buyers by offering a referral discount and generate repeat sales from existing customers by running a sale.



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Google Contact Support Link 
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Currently, the support hours for Google My Business are:  Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST.