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Other than having the opportunity to make a few extra bucks. There are many other benefits for becoming a Regional Ambassador and hosting a screen location. First, you become a pioneer in the Regionalization of business owners helping business owners. However, helping local youth and charity groups promote their services and events is the primary reason. We call it ethical advertising; Marketing with meaning. 

​The only requirement is the desire to help our community become healthier and stronger so no one gets left behind or falls through the cracks. By using the group leverage of small business owners we can execute Regionalization to eliminate big corporations with high advertising costs and work together to make a profit while supporting all youth and charity groups for free! 

If you’re own a business that is in a high traffic location you might qualify to become a screen host and Regional Embassador. This is a business within a business, for business owners, helping business owners. There are a few direct benefits for you as well. 

  • Pave the way for Regionalization 
  • Business owners, helping business owners 
  • Help local youth, and charity groups as a Regional Ambassador
  • Digital displays are the way of the future.
  • Cut down on paper waste- “Be green read it on a screen”
  • You will receive profit sharing revenue that’s generated by the display. 
  • There is no cost & you can make money.
  • We supply and install the TV and equipment.
  • We update the network monthly at no cost to you as well
  • You get a free ad on the screen that you host at no cost.