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We have an extraordinary proven business model of indoor billboards that yield an incredible ROI.  All our current locations are full-service media companies, meaning they provide their local communities with all types of signage and marketing solutions while helping youth and charity groups.
In addition to our extraordinary network of billboard platforms they all offer graphics and web design, custom indoor digital signage, we even do full audio & video production. We can service our customers with quality products with incredibly fast turnaround times at very affordable pricing.
We are very easy to setup, meaning the majority of tools, equipment, software and inventory are provided upfront so you can open your doors on day one and be ready for business. All you really need to supply yourself is a place to work from, a computer, a cell phone, and a vehicle.
The nice part of our business model is that you can work from home and likely do everything yourself initially. We want to insure your success by providing you with 2 weeks of very comprehensive onsite sales & technical training . We ask that all new franchisees come to our head office and we even provide your airfare and hotel during your stay. We follow-up with you by coming out to your location shortly after your training to provide any additional assistance in setting up your network, marketing, accounting and structure a follow-up schedule until your are off and running to insure the success of your business.
The total investment for a Franchise is generally about $65,000-$75,000 for the initial start-up inventory of 30 digital signs, accounting software, special tools, customized web, social media, and in your case an exclusive territory plus much more.


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